This serves to confirm that Lesley Witt was a guest host on our weekly show “Womandla” with Phum Mashigo, during which she condcted a life-changing one-on-one coaching session with a listener, Mathapelo. This proved to be a powerful session which not only benefitted the listener, but all those listening who were able to share this experience. Lesley is a skilful and articulate facilitator and speaker who consistently engages her audience in a menaingful way.

Rina Broomberg, Co-Founder, CliffCentral.com

Lesley Witt, is a seasoned and passionate coach, speaker, facilitator, and certified logo therapist.
She combines theoretical knowledge with her moving life story of love, perseverance, courage and optimism.
She has walked the path that many will only read in books or watch in movies.

My HR leadership team had the pleasure of hosting Lesley during a two hour lunch session on “Directing Choices and Finding Meaning”.
The session gave us all great insights and above all, it was thought provoking. Lesley appeals to the young and old, students, professionals, homemakers, business people and all.
She is inviting, engaging, warm, pragmatic, well & widely-read, professional and experienced.

I highly recommend Lesley for anyone or any team grappling with questions of meaning, challenging situations including life transitions.

Julia Modise, Head of Human Resources, GROWTHPOINT PROPERTIES

I want to take this moment to raise up MY THANKS to you. As I was reflecting this morning, I realized how brilliant and blessed I am to have a Wife like Naku. Who managed to see such Value in your Discussion Groups. Coming in to your World and the FrankL Discussion Groups is Opening up a Whole World That has been In Me For a Very Very Very  Long Time and lying Dormant. Not just for my own benefit But for a Whole Lot of Other Families and People That Have Lost The Spark of Living. You are Doing a Great Assignment Lesley. I am Looking Forward to Being Part of This Journey For a Very Very Very Many Many Many Years to Come. Stay Blessed Lesley. You are Part of the Masuku Family For Life. NGIYABONGA Lesley.  THANK YOU!

Luther Masuku, Financial Adviser, Liberty Life BRUMA  AGENCY

I had fantastic feedback from my team about the training. They absolutely loved you and your content and wished I had brought you earlier into their lives. I was castigated for calling it “sales training”, as for them it was so much more than that. So I guess we will have to find a new name for this training. Thank you so much for adding value to my team.

Elizabeth C F Malumo, Head of Acquisitions FNB Commercial Banking

It was a rare privilege to participate in the storytelling workshop facilitated by Lesley. The work she does is profound. Delegates share on a deep level within minutes through the power of storytelling. Real transformation occurs and delegates shift in a meaningful way. Thank you for the energising and inspiring work that you do!

Kim Austen Head of Sales Training PPS                                                         

What a phenomenal and life changing experience with Lesley Witt! I had some preconceived ideas about her coaching. I had my notebook and pen, and started making notes. About 10 minutes into the process, I needed to have no distractions and completely focus. Lesley is a breath of fresh air, her coach approach is special and unique (both her style and business expertise – unconventional, abstract and dynamic yet focused on achieving the results.

Nicky Moses Human Resources Director Accenture

I first came across Daniel Witt at a Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce event. I was touched when he sang Nkosi and his Mother spoke of his story of brain cancer survival, aged one. We thank Daniel for opening us up to our vulnerability and our authenticity. Daniel is so genuine and loving and his presence creates a safe environment for people to really “feel” and express themselves. He has a very real and definite purpose in the world and brings home to us how special life is.                       

Johann Kritzinger – CEO African Dynamics

Lesley we must thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with us! It was a joy to spend time with you; we all aspire to be as good as you! We are fired up and ready to take on those prospective donors – watch this space!   

Belinda Abraham Johannesburg Child Welfare, Senior Fund Developer

Thank you to you and Daniel for being there!  Regarding the feedback, all the councilors were so inspired by your many messages. They have not stopped raving about you guys! I We have also seen quite a change in their attitudes. We so appreciate your contribution to our year, it certainly has been great.

Deena Katzen Junior Council June 2015

Lesley thank you so much for yet another brilliant session at the student leadership camp. The students were enthralled by the session! 

Nicole Mnsomi Student Development Practitioner Talent Development Wits June 2015

My classmates and lecturers loved your talk and Dani’s singing and could not stop talking about Dani’s story. Thank you for sharing your very personal special story – I really appreciate your insight, valuable experience and patience!

Nabeela Gangat Masters Student in Educational Research Wits University April 2015

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