These tips have been tried and tested over 15 years with university students about to enter the workplace as well as learners between the ages of 13 and 18 at Social Welfare Services.

As we know, no matter what preparation is in place for a first job, most graduates feel anxious in this new and exciting direction in their lives as do people re-orientating toward a different corporate culture. These tools and tips are based on extensive years in business as an entrepreneur, a coach, trainer and facilitator and additionally are based in Frankl (Man’s Search for Meaning) and Neuroscience technology. When meaning is blocked, so is energy, productivity, profits and exponential growth.

There are no shortage of choices but you are welcome to choose your own topic which will be custom written at no extra charge.

  • Attitude is everything
  • Feedback – the gift worth getting
  • Understanding my core beliefs and values
  • Responsibility is life’s secret
  • Communication Skills – the name of the game
  • Choices (Goals, Dreams & Aspirations)
  •  Who Am I? The existential question
  •  Listen to understand
  •  The courage to be authentic
  •  Honour yourself and your choices
  •  Dealing with boomers and “x’s”
  •  Exercise your resilience muscle
  •  Self- Awareness is key
  •  Feelings, conscience and finding meaning daily
  •  Self- sabotaging behaviours
  •  Eliminate the disease to please
  •  Leave procrastination behind
  •  The effect of criticsing yourself and others
  •  We are all branded – what makes you different?
  •  Accountability versus responsibility
  •  Overcoming workplace anxiety
  •  Strategically managing your energy
  •  Overcoming limiting beliefs
  •  Speaking to be heard
  •  Key coaching concepts
  •  Raising self confidence
  •  Time can be stretched
  •  The business of understanding business ethics
  •  Developing a “can do” attitude
  •  Building trust and rapport
  •  Reading people and the games they play
  •  Understanding power and politics
  •  Being less risk averse and more responsible
  •  Closing the knowing/doing gap
  •  Fathoming out your Manager
  •  Understanding how your team members tick
  •  Branding between business units for bottom line
  •  The art of confrontation without making enemies
  •  The ability to be non-judgemental
  •  Developing a short cut to your potential
  •  Not getting stuck in analysis paralysis
  •  Tapping into your true resources
  •  Influence and persuade without pushing
  •  Feel the fear and go for it anyway
  •  Respect engenders respect
  •  Being open, honest and direct
  •  Recognising your patterns
  •  Recongising the patterns of others
  •  Intercepting patterns and stop repeating the same mistake over
  •  Asking unashamedly for support
  •  Vulnerability is your greatest strength
  •  Being tolerant of your peers
  •  Uncovering and opening up to your gifts
  •  Play the game and feel minimal pain
  •  Separating and being an adult
  •  Count, do not discount yourself
  •  How you think and feel dictates your behavior
  •  Self-coaching methodology
  •  Being consistent assertive
  •  Developing a clear, sequenced workable and innovative plan
  •  Accountability versus responsibility
  •  Be collaborative without telling
  •  Making it their idea
  •  Overcoming limiting beliefs
  •  Being less risk averse and more flexible
  •  Being consistent and assertive to gain trust
  •  Recognisng audio, visual, kinaesthetic and analytical people
  •  Draw your boundaries
  •  The ability to say “no”
  •  Solving challenges with sass
  •  Body matching and verbal pacing
  •  Pillars to success
  •  Possibility thinking
  •  Understanding workplace power and tactics
  •  Managing priorities and being decisive
  •  Managing team conflict
  •  Managing your state for optimal productivity
  •  Seeing situations from different perspectives
  •  What is a person saying or not saying
  •  Using authentic voice
  •  Creating trust for team work
  •  Assumptions, generalising and vague language
  •  Developing a powerful voice
  •  Economising on words – succinct language
  •  Using tone and gestures for maximum impact
  •  Model excellence – how do we do that?
  •  Learning and playing our continuums for maximum impact
  •  Reactive people need a stick, proactive people need a carrot
  •  The art of questioning coaching style
  •  Handling difficult conversations
  •  Emotional intelligence – understanding yourself & others
  •  Results model – how we process and get results
  •  Stress management and general mood
  •  Problem solving made easy
  •  Optimism and happiness
  •  Getting into a flow state
  •  Being present and mindful
  •  Spontaneity – yes please
  •  The art of storytelling
  •  Reading organisational politics
  •  Networking at every opportunity

The 7 Leadership Lessons learnt from Frankl – Improving Performance and Productivity in your team

  • The ability to adjust our attitudes : “Our greatest freedom is to choose our attitude”
  • Responsibleness (responsibility to ourselves drawing on our conscience)
  • The ability to create (relationships, works of art or innovative ways to work)
  • The ability to believe in ourselves : “It’s life itself that asks questions of man”
  • The ability to confront & conquer fear : “Fear may come true; that which one is afraid of”
  • Having humour: “The ability to see things in a humorous light is to master the art of living”
  • The ability to bring meaning to our iives : “What matters is the meaning of a person’s life in any given moment”

What these bite sized wisdom workshops will do for your team

  • It will touch them at a deep level accessing their true capabilities and talents
  • It will change their attitudes to “anything is possible” when I want it badly enough
  • It will transform them into people who value their team members & their performance
  • It will allow them to feel valued whilst setting their boundaries & excelling in all they do

What changes you can expect to see in your Leaders as a result of these talks

  • These inspirational bite size wisdom workshops will help your teams to be courageous, unique and driven
  • The information shared will assist them in recognising and embracing their strength and courage
  • These workshops contain valuable information that will change people’s perceptions and attitudes in an hour which will be evident in their performance

Your company deserves loyalty, commitment, full engagement and productivity in order to achieve their bottom line – after all you take a risk in employing your work force!

How long is each wisdom workshop?

Each experiential wisdom workshop is an hour long and is followed by a Q & A session

The Investment

The investment for each bite size wisdom workshop is R 10 000 plus VAT for up to 25 people and is R15 000 plus VAT for more than 25 people.

What will be achieved after 12 wisdom workshops

  • Each participant will gain state of the art leadership skills which will enhance their worklife
  • They will live and behave in a way that embellishes their lives and adds value in the workplace
  • They will easily be able to impart these skills to their colleagues and future reports
  • They will become Leaders that maintain and promote relationships
  • They will be viewing the transitoriness of life from a perspective of gratitude and hopefulness
  • Their attitudes at work and at home will have a direct impact on their work performance


About Lesley

Lesley has a rich and diverse background in business. She has owned a Recruitment and Training company and has successfully trained, coached and facilitated for a blue chip client base including:

RMB, FNB, Fluor, Hatch, IDC, JSE, NBC, Saica, SA Dynamics, Crowe Horwath, Werth Schroeder,Cima, Saipa Aurecon, Advtech, Nestle, Mutual and Federal, Cozens, Naruti Recruitment, Wits, VUT and Pretoria Universities. She has done much pro bono work for women’s groups, the disabled and their careworkers, Lifeline, Jhb Social Welfare, HIV Aids Groups, Teachers & students.

Lesley has the unusual advantage of being an Internationally Accredited Coach and a Logotherapist.

The combination of both modalities is extremely powerful in unfolding the wisdom within others.

She has studied extensively and has many valuable years of experience and knowledge with people and how they communicate in order to be extraordinary, responsible, creative, innovative, flexible and on point.

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