“In the act of love, we apprehend a person not only as what he is in his uniqueness and singularity but also as what he can and will be” Frankl

    What does this all mean? Love is where we see a person in all their uniqueness and specialness. It’s not something that we deserve or ask for but it simply comes in the form of grace.

    When a person realises that they feel indispensable and irreplaceable to us, their will to do more and be more for us is accelerated.

    First they derive a feeling of trust from us and thereafter, a trust in themselves.

    In trusting them we assist in bringing about a feeling of true independence and creativity in thoughts and deeds and assist that person on the way to freedom and responsibility.

    A motivated person projects this resonance whereas a demotivated person feels low on confidence and is uninspired. However, we all experience low and challenging times in our lives which does not mean that we have reached a sell by date. This is when the intention of “love” acts as a magical force in bringing about a feeling of “responsibleness”.

    Responsibleness differs from responsibility, that which is learnt from our childhood and our mentoring. Responsibleness encompasses a feeling of self responsibility – to be the best and do the best in life. This means that when I am not acting lovingly towards myself, there is a disconnect in what I am doing and in what I am achieving. A feeling of meaningless and unfulfillment follows. That hole in the soul. For the true meaning of life is to do a task and do it well for the extended good of others.

    We have that special somebody that is relying of us, especially if that be ourselves!!

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