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A Series of Three Inspirational Talks

  • Motivating Individuals and Teams

  • Unlocking the Will to Power

  • Directing Choices to Meaning

Are your teams experiencing any of the following?

  • Stress about money and the future?  

  • Feeling fearful and rejected?

  • Loss of drive and direction?

  • Loss of energy and confidence?  

  • Loss of meaning and purpose?

What changes you can expect to see in your team as a result of these talks

  • These inspirational talks will help your team to be courageous, unique and driven

  • The information shared will assist them to recognise and embrace their strengths

  • These talks contain valuable information that will change people’s perceptions and attitudes in an hour which will be evident in their performance 

Your company deserves loyalty, commitment, full engagement and productivity in order to achieve their bottom line – after all you take a risk in employing your work force!

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