About Lesley Witt


The meaning of life is to give life meaning – Viktor Frankl

Lesley has a rich and diverse background in business and has successfully trained, coached and facilitated for numerous renowned listed companies and Universities countrywide. She combines her knowledge to bring a totally different slant to your teams and to “the how” in getting the best productivity from them in these tough markets.

She brings to all her programmes, her unique approach and a life of diversity and experience; a life lived.

She has built up a sound reputation and has owned and managed a recruitment company as well as a training company. Lesley has studied extensively in the number of different fields including: Logotherapy, Neuroscience, Coaching, Storytelling, Hypnotherapy and Dealmaking. She has extensive experience and knowledge with people and how they communicate in order to be extraordinary, responsible, creative, innovative, flexible and on point.


After being on the coaching and training track for fourteen years, she felt unfulfilled; her work was giving her no meaning. It was all about outcomes but these were not sustainable. After studying Frankl’s philosophies, she truly began to understand that when meaning is blocked, so is energy, productivity, exponential growth & profits.


  • Cordelia Madanaire   –   Marketing Co-ordinator and Inspirational Speaker
  • Emmanuel Masoha    – Trainer and Motivational speaker
  • Network of                   – Extraordinary Team of Logotherapists and Specialist Coaches

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