Viktor Frankyl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning is the founder of Logotherapy, a technique and existential therapy which not only explores meaning but helps us access our direct wisdom, inspires us and clears the way to bring true feelings of well being. Choice is our ultimate freedom and we have the will to direct it with our own individual expression.


  • Keynotes – motivational, inspirational & experiential
  • Interactive experiential workshops – Leadership and management
  • Storytelling experiential encounter groups
  • Custom written workshops
  • Group facilitation
  • One-on-one sessions


  • These inspirational talks will help your team to be courageous, unique and driven
  • The information shared will assist them to recognise and embrace their strengths
  • These talks contain valuable information that will change people’s perceptions and attitudes in an hour which will be evident in their performance


  • The Success in Failure
  • Daniel and My Journey
  • The Best Moments of Your Life
  • Life Offers a Second Chance
  • Come out of the Closet with your Anxiety
  • Depression Destigmatised – in conjunction with SA Mental Health
  • Any custom written keynote to suit your company’s needs


Lesley has a rich and diverse background in business and has successfully trained, coached and facilitated for numerous renowned listed companies and Universities countrywide. She has built up a sound reputation and has owned and managed a Recruitment company as well as a Training company. Lesley has studied extensively in the number of different fields and has many valuable years of experience and knowledge with people and how they communicate in order to be extraordinary, responsible, creative, innovative, flexible and on point.